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Jet Home Decor Best Selling Wall Art

As Australia's one-stop-shop for art prints and inspiring wall décor, Jet Home Decor stock everything from fine art prints to beautiful contemporary art. However, so much choice can be overwhelming. For this reason, it sometimes pays to stay up to date with what’s trending right now on the Australian art scene.

Best Selling Artwork for Sale by Genre

Nordic style decorative paintings and minimalist wall décor, are hugely popular in Australia. Often depicting floral scenes with distinctly Scandinavian color balances, Nordic-inspired contemporary art can be used almost anywhere in the home.

Available in a variety of sizes, some of the best-selling wall décor in our Nordic range is available on octagonal canvases. This makes art prints particularly ideal for display in utility areas like kitchens, home offices, and commercial premises.

All-Time Best Selling Artwork for Sale

Art of any genre is always subjective. However, all-time best selling artwork for sale often includes art prints from abstract expressionism artists like Vincent Van Gogh.

Wall décor inspired by the likes of Van Gogh and Henri Matisse, bring empty walls alive with color. Prints of iconic paintings like Starry Night, Harvest Season, and Apricot Flower, also add texture to wall spaces and are guaranteed to inspire conversation among home visitors.

Ultra-Modern & Contemporary Art

Work from abstract expressionism artists like Henri Matisse is unique. Namely, because many Matisse paintings still feel contemporary, despite Matisse ending his painting career in 1948. Wall décor inspired by Henri Matisse is, therefore, still widely popular in Australia and elsewhere.

As well as abstract artwork by Henri Mattise, Jet Home Decor, also stock contemporary art from modern artists. Best selling wall décor in our collection subsequently includes modern animal and floral paintings, and beautiful animal watercolor prints suitable for display in children’s nurseries.

How to Choose the Right Wall Décor for Your Home

Whether you are looking for a simple wall painting or fine art print destined to become the focal point of your living room, Jet Home Decor can help. As Australia’s cheapest best-selling wall art store online, we stock everything from stunning Scandinavian art to beautiful children’s animal portraits.   

Browse the best-selling wall art online in Australia with us, and find out what canvas art prints, murals, and simple wall paintings are high-demand among home décor aficionados just like you. Even better, when you buy a piece of wall art from Jet Home Decor, we guarantee completely free delivery and next day dispatch on all orders over $39.